This is why you should not trust solar installers in Perth easily

As much as there are so many reasons why you should trust solar installers, we cannot ignore that there are some essential details they keep in regards to solar panels. This article is meant to inform you of some of the risks and problems that arise when you hire a Perth solar installer. You need to be aware of all the flaws that come about with solar panels that solar installers will not tell you. These flaws include:

  • Panels deterioration

Anything that is left out for a long period in the sun is prone to get damaged at some point due to constant exposure to ultraviolent radiation, dirt, wind, rain, temperature fluctuations, snow and hail.

  • Environmental pollutants

Most solar panels contain elements that pollute the environment. Some of these elements include cadmium and lead. Cadmium is not harmful if not let out of the solar panels but if it is accidentally let out then it is can cause immense environmental damage.

  • Size

When it comes to powering large buildings with solar installers then solar panels are not an ideal choice since they require quite a large space. Not only do they require a large space, they also demand bulky machinery to assist in turning the solar panels towards the sunlight.

  • Lack of consistency

Most solar installations lack consistency due to the fact you can never rely on sunlight entirely. If your main source of power is sunlight, then the sun fails to show up you might end up having to survive without power till the next time the sun shows up. There are quite a number of factors that limit sunlight availability. These factors include latitude, clods and night.


In general there are many setbacks that come with solar installations. These setbacks include economic drawbacks, aesthetic drawbacks as well as technical drawbacks. It is advisable to consider both sides of solar installations before you trust solar installers in Perth easily.