How I restructured my garage last month

Whenever I step in my garage, I always had a feeling that something had to be done. I knew exactly what had to be done, but I never had the courage to think of it. The garage needed serious reorganizing and restructuring for it to continue functioning in the right manner. I knew at one time it would become necessary to reorganize and restructure my garage, but that time was not now. Last month we had planned a camping trip with my family. I was sure every camping gear and tools were in the garage but on that day, I could not find some of the tools. We actually had to purchase a new one.

How I restructured my garage

After the trip I decided enough is enough a garage needed to be a garage and not a store full of unorganized things. My garage needed enough open floor space for one to move smoothly from one area to another and I achieved this through simple organization and restructuring. The following is how I restructured my garage last month.

Since I had lots of stuff lying down in the garage, I started by taking stock of everything in the garage, after taking the stock I pile everything according to their purpose .e.g. camping tools on one end and car spare parts on another end. I realize that I had lots of duplicates, and since they were only filling my garage, I decided to discard some of them. After discarding them, I still realized that I still had lots of material, which had to be stored in the garage since my store was in a worse condition. I had initially installed an open shelf to cater for storage purpose, but I came to realize, it was not the best option. I needed something, which could keep various materials intact and with maybe inside a closed door. Open cabinets were not for me I needed a closed cabinet.

I did quick research and found out that you can install either a floating or a freestanding enclosure. A floating cabinet seemed more appropriate than a standing one since I can clean the floor quickly without having to worry about water damage to the enclosure. Installing free-floating cabinet needed assistance from a professional. Hence, I called my garage repair company, and we installed it.

Even with the installation of the cabinet my daughter’s bike and some odd-shaped object had nowhere to be placed. I had initially installed pegboards, but all of them had ripped off after a short duration. Slatwall system seemed the best choice for me, since I can still hook and hang anything, and maximized on the wall area. They also are also stronger than pegboards. I installed them and after placing all materials in their relevant places, I could hardly believe how much space I had managed to create in my garage. Every time am in my garage I always feel a sense of pride for a job well done.