Could you be more creative with your home improvement projects?

home improvement projectsOthers say that home improvement comes with a price. However, we all agree that doing it on your own with the help of some expert advice can save you tons and tons money.

Home improvement does not always need to come with a hefty price tag. 

Now you ask yourself, “Could I be more creative with my home improvement projects?” The answer is yes.

Improving your home does not always mean coming up with a major project or investing into something big. You can start improving your home by having your favorite corner all toned up with some new DIY items or maybe, adding a new fixture you also made by yourself; can all do the trick.

You can start by doing your own homework. Give some time to research on DIY projects you can easily gain access to. You can start recycling and even reusing some stuff that you got from the trash! Ever thought of reusing that milk or wine bottle? There are plenty of projects found in the internet and other DIY blogs that will give you much of an idea on how you could beautify that bottle that you thought was only good for the trash.

How about having your favorite corner painted with some DIY wall paint patterns? Adding a new color to your wall will make much of a difference without too much cost. Think of the ways on how you could be more creative with your favorite corner. Try using contrasting color and apply DIY wall paint patterns. You can apply wall paint patterns easily when you search for them online.

Lastly, think of ways on how to reassemble your room fixtures. How about adding details to your favorite study table, or that table you saw on the stock room? Visit garage sales and learn to incorporate new designs to your old time favorite. Try adding some wood laser cuts on the edges of the table, or maybe on the foot bed too. You may also want to consider repainting your table to give it a new look.

You can always start small when it comes to home improvement projects. Start from your favorite corner or that table you never really liked and see how it goes from there. Your creativity is limitless.

5 Biggest obstacles while installing a garage door

Installing garage doors is usually a simple DIY task as you simply follow the instructions, however, there are always obstacles that can occur, even for professional fitters. When I recently installed my garage door, I encountered a few problems myself.

Obstacles while installing a garage door

Below are the 5 biggest obstacles while installing a garage door and how you can overcome them.

Not installing a metal stiffener in the top of the door panel.

If you are installing a garage door that is operated by electrics, then you need to install a stiffener. This helps to carry the weight of the door. Not all garage door kits supply the stiffener as kits are not sold specifically for electric doors. The kit I purchased did not include one. Failure to do so will result in the eventual bending of the top of the door and this will eventually jam the hydronic system. This happened to a good friend of mine. So do make sure to install a stiffener.

Not knowing where to attach the lift motor

Many problems with the garage door can occur because of misplacement of the lift motor. Ideally this should be placed in the centre and over the garage door. This will prevent twisting of the mechanisms that lift the door and the eventual bending of the garage door.

Not having all of the parts you need

Do not under any circumstances start to remove your old garage door until you have all the necessary parts at hand to install your new door. You should have in your kit; panel sections, rollers and hinges etc., so check before you begin. I’ve been caught out on this and it delays the whole process as well as being hugely inconvenient.

Not fitting even tracks

If you do not align your tracks evenly, then the door will not lift properly and will bend over time. Take your time to level the tracks. If need be, get someone to help you. I’ve had this problem in the past and have had to completely reinstall new tracks which are costly.

Placing the door panels correctly

When you assemble the door panels, be sure that the tongue and groove matches up. If they don’t then there will be slight gaps were rain can get in and the door will eventually warp. This has happened to me after installation but I quickly realigned them before any savage was done. So do be sure to check that there are no gaps.

The most important thing to remember when installing a garage door is to read the instruction manual. You also need to make sure that you have all tools and equipment to hand before you begin. Good luck and hopefully these hints and tips will save you both time and money.

How to beautify garage doors – my best tips

How to beautify garage doors

I care about how my garage doors look like, and I bet you too! I have tried many cool tips in last few years that helped me get a new look for my garage and found remodeling the garage doors as the best way to make the garage look better. So I will help you decode it and tell you about some really nice ways of tweaking your garage doors so make them look awesome.

You can either color differently or add subtle features to make it stand apart from the others. It neither difficult nor expensive as you think. All you need is the right strategy and a homogenous design to make your garage doors look unique and beautiful.

Let’s look at the six best tips to beautify your garage doors.

To get the most out of your doors, you should paint them right. Currently, if your doors have too dark color, then you should consider repainting the door with a good quality latex paint and aligning the color with that of your house.

If you have little extra to shell out, then you can consider installing glass panels, for a sober, and modern look.

Build a pergola and then grow some climbing vines on it, that would give your doors a more natural and environment friendly look, moreover, the natural colors of the vine are visual delight for those who look at your garage.

Although X-marks on the garage doors are more of a vintage style, they are getting increasingly popular these days, it helps you connect with the good, old, sweet memories, and are a treat for others who pass by.

Get the arches, i.e. if you have a square door and a home with wood shingles, then this is the best style that should make your doors look more align and catchy.

Adding a special theme – be it a something inspired from NASA space shuttle or a snowflake, add that theme, either through a paint or by adding a wood and then coloring it with the theme.

Of course, there are many others apart from this that you can use to make your garage door look marvelous. So don’t wait and get going with the task. Good Luck.

How I restructured my garage last month

Whenever I step in my garage, I always had a feeling that something had to be done. I knew exactly what had to be done, but I never had the courage to think of it. The garage needed serious reorganizing and restructuring for it to continue functioning in the right manner. I knew at one time it would become necessary to reorganize and restructure my garage, but that time was not now. Last month we had planned a camping trip with my family. I was sure every camping gear and tools were in the garage but on that day, I could not find some of the tools. We actually had to purchase a new one.

How I restructured my garage

After the trip I decided enough is enough a garage needed to be a garage and not a store full of unorganized things. My garage needed enough open floor space for one to move smoothly from one area to another and I achieved this through simple organization and restructuring. The following is how I restructured my garage last month.

Since I had lots of stuff lying down in the garage, I started by taking stock of everything in the garage, after taking the stock I pile everything according to their purpose .e.g. camping tools on one end and car spare parts on another end. I realize that I had lots of duplicates, and since they were only filling my garage, I decided to discard some of them. After discarding them, I still realized that I still had lots of material, which had to be stored in the garage since my store was in a worse condition. I had initially installed an open shelf to cater for storage purpose, but I came to realize, it was not the best option. I needed something, which could keep various materials intact and with maybe inside a closed door. Open cabinets were not for me I needed a closed cabinet.

I did quick research and found out that you can install either a floating or a freestanding enclosure. A floating cabinet seemed more appropriate than a standing one since I can clean the floor quickly without having to worry about water damage to the enclosure. Installing free-floating cabinet needed assistance from a professional. Hence, I called my garage repair company, and we installed it.

Even with the installation of the cabinet my daughter’s bike and some odd-shaped object had nowhere to be placed. I had initially installed pegboards, but all of them had ripped off after a short duration. Slatwall system seemed the best choice for me, since I can still hook and hang anything, and maximized on the wall area. They also are also stronger than pegboards. I installed them and after placing all materials in their relevant places, I could hardly believe how much space I had managed to create in my garage. Every time am in my garage I always feel a sense of pride for a job well done.